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Extract Entities From Invoices

Select an invoice from one of the examples below, or upload an invoice of your own, and run the Pingar API to automatically extract the key details for that invoice. Learn more!

This demo only works on New Zealand tax invoices that contain text. This means that if your invoice was scanned, it must also be OCR'd. Please contact Pingar Support if you are interested in a demo of invoices that are scanned images.
Acme Corporation Invoice
PXB Solutions Invoice
Sadex Ltd Invoice
Extract Entities From Invoices
What it does
Extracts a collection of key entities from the content of the invoice: invoice number and amount, GST number and amount, bank account details, dates, phone and fax numbers, email, URL, addresses, and supplier name. Invoices can be uploaded from file in PDF or Word formats.
What it is for
Automate invoice processing tasks.
What the benefits are
Flexible integration into workflows for review, processing, and backup of incoming mail.

Technical documentation