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Sanitize or Redact a Document

Redaction removes all sensitive entities from a document; sanitization replaces them with randomly generated alternatives. Try one of the examples below or enter your own input text. Use the menu on the right if you wish to specify which entity types to sanitize or redact. Learn more!

Sanitize or Redact Documents
What it does
Sanitization replaces all instances of people, organizations, addresses, and other potentially sensitive entities with randomly generated alternatives. Redaction replaces such entities with dummy information signifying the type of the entity replaced (“Person 1”, “Organization 1”, “Address 1” etc).
What it is for
For distributing documents while protecting the privacy of people and organizations. Sanitization and Redaction are required when responding to requests under the Freedom Information Act, or when issuing subpoenas in court cases.
What the benefits are
Pingar’s sanitization and redaction capabilities automate a process that is time-consuming and prone to human error; the result is a greater degree of accuracy and large savings in time and cost.

Sanitzation technical documentation   Redaction technical documentation