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Extract Taxonomy Terms

Select an input text from one of the preset examples below, or enter your own input, and run the Pingar API to extract terms and categories from a taxonomy. Use the menu on the right if you wish to specify which taxonomies to use. Learn more!

Extract Taxonomy Terms
What it does
Matches text against entries in a pre-defined hierarchical taxonomy while also taking into account their alternative names. Taxonomy terms are extracted from the text and grouped according to common broader categories.
What it is for
Taxonomies provide consistent metadata across all documents created and stored within an organization. Regardless of document content or name, taxonomies help group documents by subject and other broad categories.
What the benefits are
No need to employ information architects or taxonomy experts in order to manually update and maintain metadata. Pingar’s taxonomy extraction tools provide an automated way of tailoring search and metadata solutions to industry-specific vocabularies.

Technical documentation Taxonomy Information
Extract Taxonomy Terms > Taxonomy Information
We use a number of publicly available taxonomies. We provide these taxonomies by default as part of our API. The table below lists the vertical, language and source of these taxonomies. Customers may also plug in their own taxonomy or taxonomies in either one of the standard formats: OBO or SKOS.
Vertical Language Taxonomy Description
Agriculture English Agriculture Information Management Standards by the FAO
Alcohol & Drugs English Alcohol and Drugs Thesaurus by the NIAAA
Government English (NZ) New Zealand Public Sector Vocabulary
Government English (UK) Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) by esd, UK
Pharmaceuticals English Conditions, Symptoms & Drugs by Pingar
Public Affairs English Australian Public Affairs Information Service thesaurus by NLA
Government Chinese Chinese (traditional) Public Sector Vocabulary

Technical documentation